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Making Of - Christmas Special

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Drew Sharp. That is a terrible memory, no doubt about it. But son, you need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you. The past is the past. Nothing can change what we’ve done.

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Maisie Williams for Assistant Magazine [x]

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why isnt netflix working???

@DiannaAgron Seeing first images from our shoot 📷@brianbowensmith 💄 @GeorgieEisdell ✂️ @CWoodHair

@DiannaAgron Seeing first images from our shoot 📷@brianbowensmith 💄 @GeorgieEisdell ✂️ @CWoodHair

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7 years later and i’m still not over chris’ death in skins

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I wonder how Jesse Pinkman is doing

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community meme seven characters [4/7] - Troy Barnes

Did you know that you possess the greatest gift that life can give: the heart of a hero?

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Do you ever wonder what Jonathan Larson would’ve created after Rent?

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What is love?

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